The American flag flew alongside the checkered flag on the Lucas Oil Outerlimits race boat in Cowes, England after the Sunday 13-lap sprint race. With Outerlimits owner and president, Mike Fiore at throttles and Joe Sgro driving, the team maneuvered the boat expertly from the start, took first place position in lap 6 and left the competition safely behind. The Mercury-powered Outerlimits Powerboat ran smoothly in the straight-aways and the team proved the SV-40’s handling capability in the turns where they took the first place decisively from the King of Shaves.

“Joe made the call to take the turn buoy tight [in lap 6] and we were able to make the cut inside of them—then we just continued on from there,” said Fiore. The Lucas Oil Outerlimits boat stayed comfortably ahead with OSG,, Searex and Kiton following in third, fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

Three podium presentations were celebrated, as the Friday endurance race award had been postponed. In addition to the trophy awards for Friday and Sunday’s first place positions, Lucas Oil Outerlimits received the first place trophy for the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of the Sea and the historic Beaverbrook Trophy. This trophy was awarded by Lord Maxwell Beaverbrook, the son of Sir Max Aitken, who started powerboat racing in Cowes 47 years ago.

“This was a great win and we showed how the boat could perform, but with two more races in the season just weeks apart, we had to run very conservatively to preserve our equipment,” said Joe Sgro who also drove in Friday’s race with Nigel Hook at throttles and beat King of Shaves by a “nose.”

“To beat the British team in their backyard and earn this prestigious British trophy here makes us very proud,” said Fiore, “This is our first race with no mechanical ‘gremlins,’ so we were finally able to show the world our boat’s capabilities. It was great to hear the Star Spangled Banner on the podium!” he added.

The next Powerboat P1 race will be held in Zeebrugge, Belgium, September 7-9. For more information visit