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Cigarette Racing Team Earns "Most Exotic Engine Compartment" award at Ft Myers Poker Run

Cigarette Racing Team and the staff of Sportboats Marine was honored to receive the "Most Exotic Engine Compartment" award at the Ft. Myers Poker Run. Cigarette's 39' Top Gun Unlimited boat, powered by staggered Mercury Racing 700SCi engines has finely detailed rigging over the smoothly finished fiberglass and bilge compartment.

"Every part of a Cigarette is strategically placed for optimal balance and durability. But the fact that we care as much about our performance as we do about our finishing and rigging of the engine compartment just makes us even more unique," says Neill Hernandez, Vice President of Cigarette Racing Team. "We not only let you rule the seas, we make you look good doing it!"

"It was a great honor for us to earn such an award." said Tim Gallagher, Cigarette Racing Team's Sales Director. We look forward to participating in more poker runs this year and will continue to display a fantastic product!