The #88 Kiton Outerlimits team displayed total domination of the P1 Evolution class with green to checkered flag double wins in the Malta Grand Prix of the Sea. The team’s dominant victories in the extremely rough water conditions in both Saturday’s Endurance race and Sunday’s Sprint race took the overall Malta Grand Prix of the Sea. The weekend victories have moved the #88 Kiton Outerlimits team into second place in the Evolution class championship.

The Italian team owner, Giancarlo Cangiano and American pilot Joe Sgro lead an outstanding race on both days from start to finish, never looking back. When interviewed after Sunday’s race, pilot Joe Sgro stated, “It was a very tough race – just like yesterday. There are very strange waters around here in Malta, which is always the case. After winning 4 minutes ahead of everyone else on Saturday and with the same type of water conditions, we knew no one could touch us as long as we didnt make any mistakes. At the start, we managed to get around the #10 Fantastic 1 Cigarette boat and just take it from there. In really rough conditions like these, all you do is keep going and hope it all holds together. We‘re proud our boat endured so well with no structural damage that seemed to afflict many of our competitors. Outerlimits boats have always been known for their rough water domination. Getting second in the championship points is a good bonus for us.”

The rough seas caused numerous boats to retire due to structural damage throughout the field. The American-built Outerlimits, built with the highest quality epoxy and carbon fiber construction, was pleased that neither of their racing hulls experienced any structural damage whatsoever in the extreme conditions. “This race proves Outerlimits is unbeatable in rough water,” stated Paul Fiore, Outerlimits VP and P1 Team Manager, “Now it’s on to Tunisia in July.”

This has been the best weekend of the year so far for the Italian-based Mercury-powered Outerlimits team. Giancarlo Cangiano is keen to recapture his crown and is now just 90 points behind the reigning champions with four rounds of the 2008 championship still to go.