After dominating the first two Grand Prix races in Italy and France, # 99 Team Fountain Worldwide –, headed to Malta with intentions of extending their lead over the rest of the field.
Huge swells and strong winds would arrive on Saturday, after a calm Friday power-pole which saw the top three boats divided by 7/10 seconds and only a few thousands denied #99 of its first pole position.

After a very cautious start, #99 Team Fountain Worldwide –, started to pick off the field making its way from 6th to a strong second place within a few laps. Unfortunately, an ignition switch malfunction would drop them to a respectable 4th place finish in what was said to be the roughest race most racers had ever been in.

Sunday would prove just as rough, as a constant 6’ swell with wind chop continued to pound the Maltese coastline. Once again #99 cautiously took the green flag, and made their way to a strong second place finish. This would give Team Fountain Worldwide – an overall second place Grand Prix finish, and continue to dominate the standings in the Evolution class. ‘This was, without doubt, the toughest race I have ever been in” commented Craig D. Wilson, throttleman of #99. “There were small stretches you could open her up but then all of a sudden you were staring down huge swells and you would launch off them. I have never been so high in a boat before, but I never felt unsafe in our 40’ Fountain. This boat is unbelievable, and paired with the amazing crew we have, it makes James and my job much easier.”

Team Fountain Worldwide has now an unbelievable podium record. The team has never failed to make a Grand Prix Overall podium, since the beginning of 2007 season, and has never been below second place.

This record proves the reliability of the Ilmor V-10 engines and the Twin Disc Arneson Surface drives.

The teams now make their way to Tunisia in Northern Africa for round four of the Powerboat P1 world Championship.