Missing a turn buoy cost the Cigarette Fantastic 1, the GFN Gibellato, the Kiton Outerlimits and the #57 Centurian Yachts, first, second, third and fourth place in the Sunday Evolution race of the Powerboat P1 Grand Prix of the Sea in Vigo, Spain. The #10 Cigarette took first place in lap 8 when the leading Fountain World Wide/1stforboats.com boat lost power in one engine. The #88 Kiton boat had been in second, first and third place throughout the race, followed by the Centurian Yachts Outerlimits, which had worked its way from last to fourth place. Then, in the 11th lap of the 12-lap Endurance race, all of those boats followed the erring Cigarette and missed the buoy at the southwest corner of the 6.42 nautical mile race course.

As a result of the penalties imposed, the #53 Pignolo 53 boat took first place, followed by #77 Lucas Oil in second and the #69 Honeyparty.com Skater, that had taken first place in Saturday’s Sprint race. In that race, Fountain Worldwide/1stforboats.com took second and Centurian Yachts took third.

For the overall Grand Prix Results, visit www.powerboatp1.com.