Ft. Lauderdale FL, 19 September, 2008

Offshore boat racing fans around the world are hooking up virtually to share their Powerboat P1 experiences, keep off-season tabs on the series, the teams and each other with www.facebook.com being their newest link to the social network scene. In addition to staying current on the latest Powerboat P1 happenings, Facebook members can upload video, photos and start discussion threads about their favorite boat racing league or any part of their life on their personal profile.

The www.offshoreonly.com website led the way as this long-standing, high-traffic site with the most frequently visited and multi-faceted offshore powerboat message board in the world. Powerboat P1 followed with its Virtual Spectator deal, which enables tech-savvy fans to download software and watch the Powerboat P1 World Championship races in real time from their computers. Now, Powerboat P1 is extending its reach through the on-line community Facebook, and its official Powerboat P1 World Championship Fan Page.

"Facebook is not only another way for P1 to reach out to our fans, but a way for our fans to keep in touch with each other and with team members to foster those friendships that began at Powerboat P1 Grand Prix events throughout Europe and North Africa," says says CEO Jim O'Toole. "The 2009 Powerboat P1 World Championship season will not only be great racing, but a series of reunions at our race villages around the world, O'Toole added.
Fans can log on to the official Powerboat P1 World Championship Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Powerb...ip/31818912544

Powerboat P1 is achieving tremendous growth in fan, racer and marine industry participation through the principles of open, honest competition and a fan-friendly festival event format that makes racing easy to understand and follow. The 2008 season concludes September 26-28 in Portimao, Portugal. Races can also be heard live on P1 Radio or archived at www.powerboatp1.com on the Multi-Media page.