The UK-based Powerboat P1 World Championship has been the talk of the offshore racing world in the States and abroad, as participation from the U.S. grew significantly in 2008. "Now that the Americans came, we have arrived!" says Asif Rangoonwala, Chairman of the 6-year old international racing organization, "Our next move is to bring Powerboat P1 to the U.S.," he adds.

PR Power, a Ft. Lauderdale-based marketing company, represents Powerboat P1 in the U.S. and has been promoting the series to the U.S. marine industry and racers. Both Marilyn DeMartini and Tony Esposito will attend the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show to provide more information on P1 to potential sponsors, race teams, fans and host cities about incentives to join in the P1 circuit.

Powerboat P1 caught the attention of the U.S. racing and performance market last year, when a strong rivalry between Outerlimits and Fountain Powerboats extended "across the pond." While Fountain took the 2007 Evolution Class World Championship with its British international dealer, Fountain Worldwide, (headquartered in Florida), it was followed by an Italian team in second place in a Donzi, with Outerlimits in third. The American-manufactured "petrol" boats made a statement to the European and diesel-powered boats and fared well in both rough and smooth seas.

This year, the 2006 World Champion Italian team campaigned a new 43'Outerlimits while last year's Outerlimits' boat was purchased and raced by a Belgian team. They were joined by other U.S manufacturers-a Cigarette Racing Team, headed by Cigarette's Italian dealer, Seahorse Marine; three Skater powerboats, built by Douglas Marine in Michigan, raced by an Italian, a British and an American team, and the British-campaigned Fountain, which repeated as World Champion. An Italian-manufactured, diesel-powered Metamarine boat took 2nd place, followed by the Italian-piloted Outerlimits, creating a truly international World Championship series.

"Powerboat P1 has proved that it is a sound, professionally promoted, managed and widely televised offshore racing series with a strict set of fair rules, and a successful marketing platform for the marine industry," states Jim O'Toole, CEO, "For racers, fans and performance boat aficionados, Powerboat P1 offers more entertainment and marketing value than any other racing series in the world."

Powerboat P1 has traveled across Europe and North Africa and plans to extend its reach to the Middle East and beyond in 2009. The 2010 schedule may also include the U.S. with Miami being one of the cities under consideration. "When we add North America to our schedule, we will be an even stronger World Championship series," says Rangoonwala, who has the business plan and vision to make Powerboat P1 akin to F1 on water, "This is 'sport-tainment' as we combine exciting rough-water racing, attractive tourist venues, a festival atmosphere and a weekend of parties and activities. Fans, families and racers combine for an entertaining 3-day vacation-not just a race!" he continues, "That's why we call it 'World Class Racing and a World Class Experience!"