FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JAN-5-2009 On Janurary 5th 2009, the Newbury Park, California based Boostpower Usa Inc. president Alexi Sahagian announces a change in pace with engine production and company focus for 2009. Alexi announced that Boostpower Usa Inc. will reduce overall engine production from over 100 units per year (30-50 complete-the balance are partial assemblies,short blocks etc.) to a revised focus of 1-2 complete engines per week totalling approximatelly 25-30 complete engines per year and 50-70 partial engines per year. Boostpower Usa will continue to produce short block and long block partial assemblies along with all the specialty EFI and Supercharger products in which we currently offer. Boostpower will also release an array of V-10 Viper engine upgrades and rebuild services. Alexi states that the economy originally stimulated the reduction in early 2008, however we have made the best of the worst and continue to do so. Alexi says that the reduction will further allow us to go "back to our roots!" We reduced our full time staff significantly in the recent past years since we sold off the automotive division of our company. "It is like a family again" "It is myself and a few long time professionals working together like the days we started from a small shop." "I like to have my hands in each and every engine, it is just a part of me." The other key ingrediant in the fact that Alexi has hand picked the best venders in the industry to further enhance Boostpower's finished product. Our main focus is now more in the subjects of precision hand-built custom engines, drives, superchargers, EFI hardware, engine tuning and the rigging of approx 4-6 new boat builds per year. Our engine family has evolved into the larger horsepower arena. The average Boostpower Marine engine is over 900hp and 1100's have become the daily norm. We are motivated with the plan to be a non-mainstream exclusive average volume custom engine company focussing on the higher horsepower and exotic markets along with our worldwide relationships. Alexi further stated that Boostpower Marine has transitioned through several changes since the early 90's, but we are exited to announce that our focus is going to give us the time for further developement with future products and foreign markets. He further stated that the engines they build are not just a big block with a shelf bought supercharger system. He stated that all of their engines have a unique character to them that makes them stand out in the marketplace. Stay tuned for new products from Boostpower Usa Marine. Please visit for more info.