Fountain World Wide Italian Dealer Takes on French Car Dealer

Nautilux, the Adriatic coast dealer for Fountain Worldwide in Italy, has organized the Challenge of the Summer. Marco Paci and Team Nautilux will run a Fountain 34 CC Sport Fish from Porto San Giorgio, a seaside resort and port city nearby San Benedetto del Tronto, one of the stops for the Powerboat P1 World Championship, 170 miles north to Chioggia, a small fishing village at the southern tip of the Venetian Lagoon, near the famous floating city of Venice.

What is so special about that?

Well... at the same time as the Fountain 34 CC Sport Fish jumps on plane and blasts its way to Venice, a brand new Citroen C5 (a sporty sedan) driven by nearby dealer Boldrin Auto, will take off by road to the same destination to see if they can beat team Nautilux and the Fountain.

Via Michelin, the Italian equivalent of Map quest, clocks the car journey at 4 hours—that’s abiding by all the speed limits and stop signs... (Sure! They're Italian!…)

Calculating an average speed of the Fountain at just around 50mph, Team Nautilux should make the journey in 3 hours and 20 minutes. Of course, they don't have speed limits or stop signs, but at this time of the year, the Adriatic is known for rough seas.

"This is not a race," comments Marco Paci with an uncanny smirk,"It's more of a friendly ‘head-to-head’ to see how long it will take to make the trip--but I'm betting I get to finish my lunch and wine before he arrives!"

After the well-earned lunch in Chioggia, redemption bets will no doubt be made for the return trip back to Porto San Giorgio.

"I think this is a fantastic idea and a great way to promote the dealership and Fountain Powerboats!" comments Craig D. Wilson, President of Fountain Worldwide and two-time Powerboat P1 World Champion. "What an amazing journey it will be running up the Adriatic coastline towards Venice. I know it's not a race, but--my money is on the Fountain."

The head-to-head or should we say Mano-e-Mano , will take place on Saturday may 30th.

A report and photos of the event will follow.