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Chartis - Global Marine division has stepped up to the high performance boat market. Chartis has been one of the leading carriers for high-value yachts & sailboats for years.
More info. on Chartis:

The program isn't expected to hit the streets till March 17th, but Wozencraft Insurance can start rating the program out now. Please allow us the opportunity to offer you a proposal at:

Here are some of the policy highlights (as of today):
- Cats & V's up to 130mph!
- Boats up to 20 years old (at eff. date)
- Survey only required over 15 years
- Florida Use & Storage during non-hurricane months (hurricane mos. 6/1-11/1)
- Agreed Value
- Poker Runs acceptable
- Lay/ups available

We are proud to offer this new program as well as many other performance programs through American Reliable, American Modern, and many others.

Wozencraft Insurance has specialized in high performance boat insurance for 13 years. We know the products well and can offer good coverage for a reasonable price.

Please contact my assistant Stacy @ Wozencraft Insurance to show you what we can offer or submit your info. on our website at:

We look forward to offering the new Chartis program as well as other programs that specifically fit your situation.


Devin Wozencraft