Contestants are eliminated by being towed by our Nordic 28SS, crushed under a monster truck, sunk by cannon fire or pulled up by a helicopter.
From the Producers of the Mega-Hit Show Wipeout, 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show features contestants competing in one of the most insane game shows in history for a chance to win $50,000.

In "101 Ways," contestants will match wits in a series of multiple choice questions, with one contestant being eliminated every round. But unlike any other game show in the world, the eliminated contestant will then be ejected from the show in spectacular fashion, i.e., being flown away strapped to the wing of a biplane, shot out of a cannon, pushed off the top of a moving semi truck, dragged underwater by a one ton anchor or yanked off a dock by the New Nordic 28' Super Sport!

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show is unlike any other show you have seen before! Incorporating action packed stunts that eject contestants so outlandishly within the show it is sure to keep contestants and viewers on the edge of their seats, having no idea what to expect next.

Watch ABC next week at 9/8c and look for the 28SS!