Livorsi's Raw Water Flow System

The Raw Water Flow system is a new patented system that indicates your engineís water flow volume. This system warns you of a potential problem or danger that would otherwise not be indicated by a water pressure gauge alone, thus preventing cosmetic and structural damage to expensive exhaust headers, intercoolers and other cooling systems.

What is Water Flow?

Water flow is a real indication of water surging through a cooling system such as: exhaust headers, sea strainers, impellers, Gen sets, intercoolers and any other marine or industrial applications that utilize water flow.

Why You Need It

Donít confuse water flow with water pressure; as many OEM engine manufacturers measure water pressure in different areas of the motor. This number may not be telling you the real story of water flow. Your water pressure can be constant from the first day you bought your new boat.

If you notice that your exhaust system is discoloring in any area, water flow should be reviewed to make sure that adequate water volume is going through the system.
The danger may be lurking in the water flow which could be caused by
o A plugged heat exchanger
o Extensive debris build-up in the intercooler or sea strainer
o A kinked hose
o Worn impeller
o Water pickups not collecting enough water for cooling system

These may be the culprits causing the good water pressure reading, when in actuality there is poor water flow. Low water flow results in; cosmetic and structural damage to expensive exhaust headers caused by burned impellers and/or the clogging and damage of intercoolers or strainers.

How It Works

Calibration is set at idle and at wide open throttle (WOT). This will generate the cooling systemís normal operating range. When water flow rises or drops more than 20% from that range (regardless of RPM), it will trip the alarm illuminating the built-in LED light; an optional audible alarm may be added.