"Ilmor Marine exclusively uses CMI exhaust components on all of our High Performance engines due to the quality we receive from them."

Paul Ray & Ian Hawkins, Ilmor

"I proudly distribute, supply all of my engines, and race with Custom Marine Exhaust because it is the best exhaust available in the market place."

Bob Teague, Teague Custom Marine

"Custom Marine consistently supplies us with high quality products for our motors that have to withstand the most severe conditions."

Dennis Mathe, Innovation Marine

"The high performance engines I engineer and build will only be outfitted with premium, durable products that will ensure my motors out-perform the rest. CMI's proven ability to create extra horspower with quality and striking goods looks sets them above the rest."

Mike, D'Anniballe, Sterling Performance

"Best exhaust systems available in the market place. Boats I have rigged for over 10 years with CMI exhaust have never had a failure."

Bruce Baker, Express Engines

"Our 6.8L engine breathes better through Mast designed, polished stainless high-flow CMI headers."

Mast Motorsports

"Boostpower's mission is to Research, Develop and Produce the most sophisticated Marine Engines and EFI products in the Marine Industry. Custom Marine has proven time after time that they have the products that outlast and outperform the rest. Therefore, Boostpower Marine chooses CMI!!"

Alexi Sahagian, Boostpower USA Inc.

"After 35 years of building engines and being involved in all facets of the high performance marine industry, I've learned to trust the experience and talent generated at CMI. Their ability to engineer and manufacture from the ground up is unprecedented. With CMI, there is no other choice!"

Don Onken & Keith Eickert, Lightning Performance Group

"Our new 557hp supercharged outboard motor demanded an exhaust system that was compact, corrosion resistant and lowered backpressure to allow the aggressive power and torque targets to be achieved. We partnered with CMI and were able to design a stainless, tubular exhaust system to meet this goal."

Rick & Eric Davis, Seven Marine

"For all our exhaust needs, Crockett Marine Engines relies on the Quality, Reliability and Performance of CMI headers."

Tyler Crockett, Crockett Marine Engines

"Ateco only uses the best for all our engines. CMI's design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to be confident that we are always achieving maximum horsepower with a dependable stainless exhaust."

Bill Lawson, Ateco Engine & Dyno Shop

For more information, call Custom Marine at 920-720-4225.