Dear Stefanie,
Sunsation Powerboats is celebrating its' 30th anniversary and it is with great pride and pleasure to announce we will be expanding into the Center Console business. The sizes being offered will be 29', 34', and 38'. With advanced styling and emphasis on creature comforts, our Center Console will still be suitable to the fisherman. Custom bling options and paint will be available to parallel our offshore line.

Center Console Update

The building expansion approval permit is in motion through Clay Township; 3,000 square foot addition. It's an addition to the current 37,000 square foot building owned by Sunsation.

The Center Console development has been outsourced to Marine Systems, Gary Bridges, and Paul Gallup who are all experts in this field. They will work in conjunction with The Sunsation Team. Preliminary CAD Data is available for view. Basic dimensions are 34' x 9' 6" beam.

Product research continues with evaluating competitors products. The most valued in-put has been from dealers and owners of center consoles - Thank You!

Bill of materials has been established along with estimated production man hours. Applying overhead will give cost to manufacture the new Center Console.

Time to market has been established - August 1st, 2012. Sunsation plans to out-source plug development and mold construction process, having production ready tooling delivered. This will ensure no loss of current production.

A scale model will be ready for Miami Boat Show for viewing and evaluation. A marketing program will be implemented shortly thereafter. We will be working with Dave Clark at Day One Creative.

Special Thanks to Jay and Colleen Jorgensen who ignited the Center Console project. We will still need some further outside investment to achieve our goal!


Team Sunsation