Precision Turbo and Engine has helped to set a new dyno horsepower record in the snowmobile world.

"The Green Hornet", a 2012 Arctic Cat XF 1100-T owned by Mike Everson and Craig Campton, was built and tuned in a collaborative effort by D&D Motorsports, Hypersports and Middleton Machine.

Racing in the Outlaw grass and ice classes and ridden by driver Glenn Hall, this amazing drag sled cranked out an unparalleled 604 HP using a Precision ball bearing turbocharger on low boost to break the previous record by more than 40 horsepower!

With a motor of just 70 cubic inches in size, the horsepower per cubic inch calculation works out to an astonishing 8.6 HP/CI on gasoline. Additionally, a large air-to-air intercooler is used to act as a heat sink on takeoff which later becomes an excellent heat exchanger at high vehicle speeds (up to 145 MPH on grass).

The team plans on turning up the boost in the near future to push the record number even higher!