We are pleased to announce that our highly-anticipated 58mm Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA) turbine wheels are now available!

Specifically engineered with the performance enthusiast in mind, our exclusive CEA high-flow turbine wheels produce an average increase of 20-45 horsepower over comparably-sized standard designs. Spool-up time is also improved when using these CEA turbine wheels to further reduce turbo lag and improve performance.

Please contact us at (219) 996-7832 to purchase or to speak with one of our friendly Sales/Technical Representative for more information.

Our CEA turbine wheels are also available in 62mm and 66mm sizes. Turbochargers featuring the old-style 57mm, 62mm and 65mm turbine wheels can be upgraded to use the new CEA 58mm, CEA 62mm and CEA66mm sizes, respectively.

With available horsepower levels ranging from mid-300 to almost 1,000, we have expanded our line of Entry Level Turbochargers to include 3 new compressor wheel sizes (6 new turbos in all) to fit a wider range of vehicles. The new 58mm, 61mm and 67mm units offer high-quality performance at a budget-friendly price, perfect for those who are trying to put together a cost effective turbo system.

For even better performance, these 6 new Entry Level Turbos all feature Machined From Solid (MFS) compressor wheels for an added boost of performance! More MFS units will be made available throughout 2012.

Call us today at (219) 996-7832 to place your order and get first dibs on these turbos as soon as they're ready to ship or visit http://www.precisionturbo.net/turboc...rbochargers/18 for information on the rest of the Entry Level line!