LOS ANGELES, CA –May 23, 2012 – Performance Boat Candy, recognized for its quality products and fast industry growth, launched its newly developed boat restoration compounds—Crystal Cut Compound™ and Crystal Cut Extreme Compound™ at the Lake Havasu Boat Show and Desert Storm Poker Run events last month to an overwhelmingly positive response. The company had a 34 year-old boat on display to show the effectiveness of its new products.

The new compounds incorporate the company’s advanced proprietary DCT2 (Diminishing Cutting Technology) formula designed to quickly remove oxidation, swirl marks, UV damage, scratches, and produce a uniform high-gloss finish. The Crystal Cut Compound removes 1500 grit sanding marks while the Crystal Cut Extreme Compound removes 1000 grit sanding marks, and according to the company, has replaced the need for color sanding in certain applications when used with rotary or dual-action polishers. “Our DCT2 formula was tested by some of the most skilled detailers we know on everything from pleasure boats to high-end yachts, and everyone involved is excited with the end-product results” said Tim Weinzirl, Owner of Performance Boat Candy. When asked why the company saw a need to develop this type of product, Tim stated: “At PBC, we take customer input seriously, and that’s what drives our company to produce new products. We heard a lot of customers from around the U.S. tell us they needed a product that removed oxidation buildup on their aging boats. It’s simply a function of listening to our customers and developing products they want, not developing products we hope they need—this is critical, especially when entering a market that’s traditionally been dominated by companies such as 3M.”

The company also has a boat care system dubbed “The Performance Boat Candy Advantage”, which is a mix of their professional grade products, proper tools, and expert techniques, intended to equip the average boat owner with everything needed to restore and care for the finish of their boat. The system has two aspects broken down by what it calls “Base Care” and “Maintenance”. “The PBC Advantage packages everything the average owner needs to restore and protect their finish and makes it very easy for even novice boat owners to get a professional result. We’re shooting a series of videos at the end of the month explaining the entire professionally developed step-by-step process that takes the mystery out of restoration, and we’ve even introduced a series of professional tools on our website”, said Tim. “So far, the response from the professional detailer market and our customers has been amazing; we’ve had an overwhelming number of positive comments regarding how effective and easy the new products are to use and we look forward to seeing how the rest of the market responds.”

About Performance Boat Candy
Established in 2009, Performance Boat Candy has quickly become a leader in boat care by striving to provide customers with quality products, knowledge, and great customer service as a core company focus. More information about Performance Boat Candy and its products can be found at www.performanceboatcandy.com.