LOS ANGELES, CA – July 2, 2012 – Performance Boat Candy, a fast emerging privately owned marine product company reported today that its Q1 and Q2 year-over-year sales revenue was up over 130% from the same period in 2011. The Company posted impressive growth despite slow marine industry sales and a lagging economy.

Performance Boat Candy Owner Tim Weinzirl noted that beyond financial data, success is measured by other important indicators vital for startups. “Although sales growth is an important metric, we don’t place too much emphasis on the financial aspect alone to gauge the overall success of our business; we also look at customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth sales, and repeat customers as some of the key drivers”, said Weinzirl.

“Most successful startup businesses are going to have early adopters that account for a large portion of sales growth when an industry is doing well overall. However, in a depressed market with low growth potential, taking market share away from competitors is the key to sustained growth, and according to our sell-through reports from retailers along with surveying customers, we’re definitely outpacing the competition.”

Given that brick-and-mortar retail outlets generally account for a large part of sales for most product-oriented businesses, Performance Boat Candy takes a slightly different approach to attract retailers. Most of its retail base comes from single outlet retail stores inquiring about carrying the company’s products, driven by requests from their own retail customers. “With so many competitors, risk-averse retailers are reluctant to carry new brands, so our strategy is to produce highly effective products and great customer service which generates demand through word-of-mouth sales. We now have retailers contacting us proactively to carry our products, signaling that our strategy is working.”, stated Weinzirl.