Potter has been building high horse power engines featuring the Whipple 8.3 Liter Compressor package for some time.
With great success, they began utilizing the highly efficient screw compressors on their entire forced induction line up.
They also designed an entire new line of 540 CI engines dedicated to the 3.3 , 4.0 and the new 4.5 Liter compressors.
Horse powers range from 700 to 1050 on the 540 CID line up and feature the GM MEFI4B Engine managment system.
They just completed one of their 540's for a client in Texas who is running a DCB Mach26.
The engine produced 939 lbf of torque at 4500 RPM and 950 HP at 5600 RPM.
Potter has a full line of both naturally asperated and forced induction engines from 500 to 1600 Horse power.

Contact: Potter Performance Engines Inc. at 941-758-5942 or email [email protected]