BBLADES Professional Propellers has added a new level of efficiency for customers ordering propellers through its new website, Any of the 20,000 propeller variations from eight manufacturers offered by BBLADES can be viewed and now ordered on-line.

“We will continue to spend a great deal of time consulting with our clients on the phone and through e-mail, says BBLADES President Brett Anderson. “Now, when a customer has evaluated and considered the information, they can order the correct propeller on their own time schedule.”

The new, secure website makes finding specific propellers or hub kits easier and allows customers to select their preferred method of shipping and pay with a credit card. The site contains propeller “know-how” from industry experts, applications for the BBLADES Bravo and BBLADES #6 Offshore Cleaver Demo programs and a Prop Slip Calculator.

“Our clients are experienced boaters,” Anderson says, “when they determine which brand, diameter and pitch they need it is easier to go on-line and order instead of picking up the phone.” Customers will also be able to order a new prop for Lab Finishing or other custom performance applications.

BBLADES is currently the exclusive outlet for the BBLADES Blaster, BBLADES Bravo OB, and Leading Edge Mud propellers ; the BSAFE Propeller Lock; and accessories for stowing or towing.

BBLADES Professional Propellers is a full service propeller company offering consultation, inspection and repair of any aluminum, nibral or stainless steel propellers; “Lab-Finishing” or “Blueprinting” of stainless steel propellers; competitive pricing on new props from Mercury, BBLADES, Hering, Hydromotive, Acme, Turbo, Stiletto and Signature; and the most comprehensive propeller testing program in the marine industry.