New to the 2012 show is our Volume 2 Industrial Catalog which includes our latest and greatest products to hit the market: Adjustable Position LED Indicators, Hydraulic Trim Tabs, Fuel Level Senders and CAN Bus Gauges. The Workboat Show begins December 5th and runs through December 7th at the Morial Convention Center.

LED Indicators

As you may have already heard, the new Adjustable Position LED Indicators are ready to ship. Stop by booth 3273 to view a working display. This indicator eliminates the need for mechanical 33C cables which are typically used for drive or tab indication. These cables are replaced by more reliable network wiring that allows plug and play connectivity into existing tab or drive position sensors.

Hydraulic Trim Tabs

Livorsi’s heavy duty hydraulic trim tabs meet the demands of boats operating at high speeds or in rough water conditions. These tabs incorporate a hinge constructed of extruded aluminum with a 1/2" stainless steel pin to provide unmatched strength and reliability even in large jet pump applications.

Vantage View® CAN Bus Gauges

Livorsi Vantage View CAN Bus Gauges are designed to work with any SmartCraft®, NMEA 2000®, SAE J1939 or GM MEFI engines. Vantage View® displays real-time data and compiles the information into one gauge, the Master Tachometer. This tachometer features an analog RPM readout with a built in LCD screen that displays all the information your engine’s ECU provides. This line of instruments is an exceptional tool for monitoring the performance of a vehicle, workboat or powerboat.

Livorsi ETS Controls

Livorsi ETS Controls provide smoother electronic shifting and throttling than traditional controls with the use of dual redundancy potentiometers. These potentiometers contain two independent outputs for redundancy. Shifters can remain mechanical with 33C or 43C cables or can be electronic with micro switches forward and aft. Available for single, twin or triple engine applications.

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