In a press release issued by Super Boat International (SBI), the organization confirmed that its coverage of the 36th Annual Key West Offshore World Championships from this past November will air as three one-hour television episodes on NBC Sports.

After the largely successful television feature aired on NBC Sports the last two years, the network has high hopes for this year’s three episode format. As previously reported by Speedonthewater, “With the expanded programming, fans will get to see more race action, and the in-depth coverage will allow them to get a behind-the-scenes look at the boats and teams that make offshore racing so exciting.” The production team also relied on on-board footage from several of the race teams including Team Teague Custom Marine, powered by a pair of Teague-built SuperCat engines. The Team’s patented camera angels and techniques pleased the production crew and we are hoping that much of the footage will be integrated into the show.