2 supercharged 354 CI engines ready to race.

Here are some engine specs:

Dyno 487.3 Horsepower 486.7 FT LBS Torque DYNO TIME ONLY The boost is pretty low, you can change the pulley and up the HP easily. We built these to race so they are bullet proof and there was no expense spared, I have
about $13K each in them. I'll take $12,100 for the pair or $6,200 for one.

ALL NEW: Scat Cranks, WISECO Blower pistons, H-Beam connecting rods, polished WEIAND 177 superchargers, Quick Fuel 850 CFM carbs, JESEL rocker systems, Smith brothers custom push rods, MSD marine distributers. Fluidamper balancers. Engines are painted plum crazy purple.

Engines were built by Steve Conniff of Burtonsville Performance Machine. Steve builds many performance boat engines and built the 2009 NHRA stock eliminator World Champion's engine.

The heads are World Products S/R. No race fuel needed, we built the engines to run on 93 octane. The boost is right at 5 pounds, which is very conservative for a small block, we built these to race and live. They are of course balanced.

I can e-mail you a Dyno sheet and pictures.