Hi, Im looking at a 1999 Powerquest 220 Targa SLS which is a bow rider. It has the 7.4 liter engine, and only 89 hours on the boat. Spent most of its life covered up in a barn. Great condition, and seems to be a better purchase than the 1997 Precept I had been looking at, as this one has the better engine. Has anyone ever had one of these, or could tell me what top speed might be, and or what prop would be best on this boat? I guess it came with a Mirage 3 blade but forgot to look at the pitch. Asking price is about 20k, which seems a bit high for a 22ft. 1999. Anybody know what this boat should sell for? I am also interested to know if skiing/tubing is any good behind this boat, or wakeboarding. Some one said it may need trim tabs for the lower speed watersports. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!