SCOPE Members Invitation to the 96th annual Rum Run race.
July 19-22 is ramping up to be the biggest West Coast race in a long time. Sponsors include: Powerboat Magazine, AAA, AMF, Coca Cola, Yardhouse, and Full Throttle energy drink. We will have media coverage from Power 106 FM and the event will be covered on live TV. Itís going to wild in Long Beach.
We have a special package for any SCOPE member that would like to join their President Lu Lyall in a historical race.
If you would like to race and have a current SCOPE member ship you will have the opportunity to get into the action for $350.00. The entry fee includes a free dock space from Thursday, July 19th through Sunday, July 22 at Rainbow Harbor in front of the Yardhouse. All riding members in the race get a commemorative Pyrat rum bottle just for entering. If you are lucky enough to win-your name will be added to the perpetual Rum Run trophy whose name includes one of the founders of racing, Bob Nordskog. Itís similar to a Poker run but with helmets and life jackets and comes with trophy bragginí rights but most of all, itís a lot of fun.
If racing is not your thing, volunteer to be a Safety or a Patrol boat on Sunday and we will give you a dock for the weekend in Rainbow Harbor too. We will also give you a commemorative Rum Run Jug and an event shirt. So if you are planning to attend the Catalina Ski race and want your own private dock. Here ya go!
For more info contact Kevin Cooper at [email protected].