Author Jason Johnson

1 The MDC Way

A friendly face at top-speed shootouts and races across the country, Mike Clesceri is helping performance boaters get the most out of their equipment.

0 Keeping Up With Cosker

It won’t be easy trying to keep up with John Cosker of Mystic Powerboats next week during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout, but it’s worth a shot.

0 Parveys Turn To Turbochargers

Although Dennis and Jason Parvey had intended to make a go at this month’s Lake of the Ozarks Shootout with new turbocharged power in their 43-foot V-bottom, the attempt is going to have to wait a year.

1 Deep Impact’s Next Steps

Between gorgeous new 399 deliveries and the introduction of a fishing-friendly 369, not to mention continued progress on the first 499, the team at Deep Impact Custom Boats is going full steam ahead.

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