Jennifer is the First OSO Boater Girl of the Month


The votes are in and you’ve chosen the first ever Boater Girl of the Month! Not only do we have a winner, but we now know the types of—um—assets the OSO community looks for in a Boater Girl.

Submitted by BadReputation on July 26, Jennifer became our second Boater Girl of the Week on August 6. Despite remaining faceless, she captured the—um—hearts of the readers. With her floppy hat and tight—um—biceps, Jennifer was seen on her tiptoes at Table Rock Lake, Mo., aboard a 30-foot Spectre Cat.

And now for the big reveal: Jennifer is more than just a smokin’—um—look, it’s just gotta be said: she has a nice butt. A really nice butt. But she’s got a cute face too. And we’ve got photos to prove it:

But let’s not forget her butt…


And her face with her butt…

Thanks to everyone who voted, to BadReputation, and especially to Jennifer, OSO’s September Boater Girl of the Month.



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