Boater Girl Mackenzie Will Make You Jealous of Her Husband


BrettM submitted photos of his wife, Mackenzie, just to show his friends how hot his lady is. He didn’t expect Mackenzie would actually become Boater Girl of the Week. If his buddies weren’t jealous before, they should be now!

These photos were taken September 9 of this year out at Table Rock Lake, Mo., aboard their 2004 Outerlimits 39 Quattro while on a quick honeymoon jaunt. Their real honeymoon, BrettM tells us, will be next month at the Key West Poker Run.

So, BrettM’s got a beautiful wife, a sweet boat, and an awesome honeymoon planned. Plus his friends are jealous – and if you’re not too, maybe this will seduce your envy: he owns the Performance Boat Center (Mackenzie’s wearing the company hat) on Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., where they live full time.

Still not jealous? How about now: BrettM tells us, “Last weekend [Mackenzie] ran that OL to 98mph on her own, she loves to go fast!”

It’s official: Team OSO is jealous too.

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