Meet Erica, Our Kickin’-Off-the-Week Boater Girl


Can you think of a better way to start off your week than meeting Erica, our Monday Boater Girl of the Week? Well, you could also meet her gal-pals Kim (left) and Kari (right).

Boater Girl Erica is the wife of the lucky Hyperformance1, who took these photos at Lake Huron’s Lakeside Beach aboard their 2001 28-foot Sunsation.

We’ve seen the Boater Girl thread on OSO start to get a little too quiet lately since Labor Day’s unofficial end of Boating Season last month. Let’s keep the Boater Girls coming – send us your Boater Girls if you were out at the OPA Championships, or if you’re going to Key West, don’t forget to send those pics too. Keep ’em coming, fellas!



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