Paging Nurse Beth, Our Boater Girl of the Week


We’ve had two doctors as Boater Girls, and now we’ve got ourselves a nurse. Meet Nurse Beth, our Boater Girl of the Week.

A labor and delivery nurse at Ohio State University, Nurse Beth is the mother of two children and the wife of OSO member TDSTYG. Of his gorgeous missus, TDSTYG tells us that Nurse Beth is an “awesome boater.”

“[Beth is the] first one to want to get on the lake. Always up for a boat day. First one to grab a towel and start wiping the boat down. Loves to party and have a awesome time. We go boating every weekend and stay on the boat every weekend.”

In these photos, taken last month, Nurse Beth is on Norris Lake, Tenn., aboard a 2009 Active Thunder 33 Evolution.

We need more Boater Girls! If you’d like to see your lady receive this prestigious honor, submit her here!



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