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For as long as I’ve known Randy Wild, the Missouri-based performance boat enthusiast, he’s been just as much a “car guy” as he is a “boat guy,” and he’s owned his fair of share of cool go-fast boats. So it wasn’t a surprise when he reached out before the Lake of the Ozarks to fill me in on a new business venture he was involved with that he wanted to promote to his fellow powerboat devotees for a couple of reasons.

The new r8tr pre-purchase evaluation app was designed to connect potential buyers with raters, aka r8trs, to help prevent buyer’s remorse in the luxury car, boat, motorcycle, RV and truck world. Photo courtesy Randy Wild

Check out the new r8tr app today.

First, because he believed the new r8tr app, which went live yesterday on Android and Apple devices, is going to be advantageous to prospective buyers of cars, boats and more by providing an easy-to-use process to rate a potential purchase before completing a transaction.

Wild, who founded the company with Rocky Hauke, said the r8tr app was created to empower millions of sight-unseen online boat, car, motorcycle and RV purchasers with reputable local experts that can rate a possible purchase before a sale is made. Whether the vehicle is 30 or 3,000 miles away, a local aficionado called a r8tr is available to produce a detailed assessment of it thereby providing any unsure buyers with not only peace of mind, but saving them time, expense and headache.

Attracting r8trs—those entrusted with the evaluations—was the other reason Wild wanted to inform the tight-knit performance boat community about the new app. Just like many of the serious car buyers and sellers he’s met over the years, he knows there are qualified people across the country who can handle an “eyes-on” review and rating for anyone, anytime using the technology behind the app.

TJ Kirgin, CMO of r8tr, said the app was created because more and more people are turning to online destinations such as eBay Motors, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and other sites to purchase cars sight unseen from sellers around the nation.

The list of r8trs is already growing after the app was launched this week.

“Unless you have the means and knowledge to personally inspect the vehicle, most people rely on images and the word of the seller,” Kirgin said. “That has created a rash of scams and lemons, and an untold number of buyers without recourse. Not anymore.”

Prior to its launch, R8TR secured more than 500 r8trs in cities across America. As the company expands, more and more r8trs will be brought on to cover the top 100 markets in the country.

So how does r8tr work? A prospective buyer downloads the free app and enters basic information and details about a vehicle or vehicles they wish to purchase. They then send a request for a pre-qualified and independent r8tr in a designated zip code range. The r8tr then gets an alert for a potential rating in the area, accepts the job and agrees to the predetermined fee. When the r8tr begins an inspection, he or she will “check-in” on the app, which immediately notifies the buyer that the inspection started.

The r8tr then performs a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle. The buyer also has the ability to make special requests for the review and inspection in addition to the r8tr’s pre-loaded checklist. Upon completion of the inspection, photos, descriptions, a video and client’s special requests are combined to form a vehicle’s overall rating for the perspective buyer. Once the info is complete and sent, the r8tr will receive compensation for the inspection.

Of course the company is seeking more people with experience, passion and a desire for income doing something they already love to do—looking at cool boat, cars and more. For more information, download the app or visit



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