6 Questions for Dave Crago

Dave Crago snapped the astronaut-like maneuvers of the Zipp Express at the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix.


Each week, OSO is introducing you to a different high-performance photographer—some familiar, some new to the scene. Dave Crago falls into neither category. Though he previously had been an offshore shooter, he transitioned to aerial and documentary work in conflict locations, including Afghanistan.

“I decided to start shooting more offshore racing events that would bring me back to my love of the ocean, adventure and the excitement of offshore powerboat racing,” said Crago.

“It has been a blast, it is real close to my other aerial and documentary work, with the exception of no water and that I have not shot any aerial photography on a race yet this year. On another note, the people in the race community are great, and it is a lot more fun.”

OSO asked Crago our six offshore questions.

What kind of boat do you own?
I just sold her—it was a Proline Super Sport. It was a great boat to photograph from.

Where’s your favorite place to go out cruising?
I love the water off of Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, but you can never beat the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

What’s your favorite boating gadget?
My Garmin GPS 4210, I never stop messing with it.

What’s the most impressive powerboat you’ve seen?
I would have to say, it’s a combination of two: Lucas Oil by Silverhook Powerboats and Miss GEICO by Mystic Powerboats.

What upcoming events are you most looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to the Super Boat International Clearwater Nationals and the Worlds in Key West. I am also planning on shooting at the OPA Nationals in Solomon Maryland and Worlds in Jupiter Florida

What’s the most hilarious boat name you’ve ever seen?
I don’t know, there are so many good ones, but I would have to say, “DILLIGAF”



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