6 Questions for David Andrews

David Andrews photographs the Lake Murray Poker Run.


Though David Andrews has only been shooting for five years, his raw talent for powerboating photography bursts from every image. He began when he went on an Alaska cruise. “I used all the auto settings on the camera and realized most of my photos sucked when I got back,” he said. “I then started learning from the Internet.”

Since then Andrews has been a go-to shooter for everything from sports photography to aerial architecture. But he’s always maintained his love of boating. “[When I started] I had recently sold my 30′ Spectre and photography was a way to stay involved with powerboats so I stuck with it.”

OSO is featuring Andrews’ offshore photos this week, so we asked him our six questions:

What kind of boat do you own?
On the performance boat side I’ve owned a 21′ Lightning with twin 280s and a 30′ Spectre. I seem to be continually going the wrong way and downgrading. Sad to say but a 23′ Hurricane deck boat is my only boat at the moment.

Where’s your favorite place to go out cruising?
I grew up on Smith Mountain Lake, Va. and still like going back there to hang out.

What’s your favorite boating gadget?
Let go with the GoPro trolling motor might get me shot on here.

What’s the most impressive powerboat you’ve seen?
I’ve got to go with the Longlite Mystic back in the days of the shootout at Shooter 21 when it ran 209.

What upcoming events are you most looking forward to? 
Probably will be Smith Mountain Lake Poker Run next May.

What’s the most hilarious boat name you’ve ever seen?
Might be a toss-up between Booty Wrangler or Spittin Kitty.

Photographer David Andrews’ work can be seen at Performance Images.



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