6 Questions for Jay Nichols

What’s in a name: Jay Nichols not only shoots high performance boats, but their catchy names too.


You all know Jay Nichols. You all love his work. And you should. There’s a reason he’s one of the most well-known high performance boating photographers out there—he’s just that good. Combining the raw beauty of a well-crafted shot with the color-tweaks of an imaginative eye, Nichols has provided the powerboating world with some of the most innovative and iconographic photos around.

Each week we’ll be highlighting a different photographer and displaying their photos in the homepage gallery—and to kick things off, we asked Jay for his images of the 2012 Boyne Thunder Run. We also asked him to answer six questions:

What kind of boat do you own?
I covered 26 boating events last year and 24 the year before. [There’s] no way that could [have happened]if I owned a boat. I would be using it or working on it.

Where’s your favorite place to go out cruising?
British Virgin Islands

What’s your favorite boating gadget?
SPOT. And a water balloon launcher.

What’s the most impressive powerboat you’ve seen?
Skater Vee experimental.

What upcoming events are you most looking forward to?
LOTO Shootout, West Palm, Key West

What’s the most hilarious boat name you’ve ever seen?
They all have a story. [I was a] sign guy in a former life.


“I was a sign guy in another life,” says Nichols.

Photographer Jay Nichols’ work can be seen at NaplesImage.com.



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