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If the name Dee Ungarten is unfamiliar to you, you’ll definitely know Ungarten’s alter ego, Lucididee. As one of the top powerboat photographers around, Lucididee has built a sterling portfolio showcasing exciting moments in time.

Lucididee started out in photography as early as fifth grade, learning how to develop black and white film. “But it was my mom’s love of photography that kept me going,” Ungarten says. “So many times I would sneak out [with]her 35mm Konica with the Vivitar lenses to get photos at the high school football games. I always landed in trouble for that.”

Along with Mom, Ungarten began taking photo of high performance boating. “We were based out of Brooklyn, N.Y.,  and would run out to Freeport, Long Island, for the Guy Lombardo and Benihana races. Mom was the picture person back in the ’70s.  Back then, we would be in the middle of the course and mom was taking pictures. Photography and High performance boating was a natural for me, I didn’t know any other way.”

Lucididee sat down and answered our 6 questions.

What kind of boat do you own?
I wish I could say I do, but I don’t.  I never stay in one place that would allow me to enjoy it.

Where’s your favorite place to go out cruising?
Atlantic Ocean. There is nothing better to me than starting at Sandy Hook and either running up the Hudson River, out to Long Island, or down the Jersey Shore.

What’s your favorite boating gadget?
It’s silly but it’s a fender.  Not only does it suit its purpose to protect the boat, but it comes in handy to use as a PFD when just floating in the ocean or as a pillow on the beach.

What’s the most impressive powerboat you’ve seen?
I am impressed by many. But my most impressive moment was when I was asked to partake in a run in a 46′ Skater and topped out at 192mph.

What upcoming events are you most looking forward to?
The next race.  There really is no one event that I prefer over the other.

What’s the most hilarious boat name you’ve ever seen?
There’s been a few.  Most memorable are: Master Baiter, 36Seas & Passing Wind.

Photographer Dee Ungarten’s work can be seen on at Lucididee Fast Boats.



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