Got Trailer Brakes?


The “CLUNK”!  We are all aware of the dreaded sound of your trailer slamming on the truck hitch when you hit the brakes.  When you are backing down the wet boat ramp you are saying a silent prayer as your truck slides towards the water.  These are both situations you face when your boat trailer is equipped with an antiquated surge brake system.  There is a solution to the problems you face with surge brake systems, there is a braking system that gives you the control and safety that you and your boat need and deserve, that system is the Hydrastar Surge Brake Conversion System.

Surge brake systems are a mechanical/inertia based braking that puts unneeded wear, tear, and strain on the truck.  As the brakes are applied and the truck begins to slow down, all the weight from the trailer is forced on to the hitch of the truck, compressing a hydraulic cylinder in the tongue of the trailer, and that creates the hydraulic pressure to activate the brakes.  It is a simple concept, except the truck can take the brunt of the force and braking.  Another downside to surge brakes is backing the trailer.  When the trailer is backed on flat ground or uphill, the weight of the trailer pushes against the hitch and can activate the brakes.  Backing down a boat ramp can create an even greater problem, no brakes at all, and when the ramp is steep and wet, that could lead to a catastrophic outcome.  The Hydrastar systems can alleviate these problems, at the same time, increasing safety, control, and reliability of the trailer braking.

The Hydrastar Surge Brake Conversion System and Plug & Play System provides all the braking control for the trailer right there in the cab of the truck.  The Hydrastar systems are the alternative to the outdated technology of the surge brake systems.  The Hydrastar works with the in-cab brake controller in the truck to apply the brakes when you want, and only when you need the brakes applied.  When the brake pedal is pushed the brake controller sends power back to the Hydrastar, activating the pump that creates the hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes.  This all happens in the blink of an eye.  No more pushing against the truck by the trailer, no more brakes coming on while backing up, and most importantly, full braking when backing down those slippery boat ramps.

Both the Hydrastar Surge Brake Conversion System and the Hydrastar Plug & Play System comes with everything need to convert an existing surge braked trailer to the safer and more reliable electric over hydraulic braked trailer.  Both systems are equal in stopping power and braking control, the only difference between the two systems is installation.  With the Surge Brake Conversion System the components are mounted to the trailer frame and hard-wired together, as in a traditional installation.  The Plug & Play System is pre-wired, so installation consists of mounting the components and plugging them together.  You cannot go wrong with either system, and both systems are the safer, more reliable alternative to surge brakes.

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