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Our Listings : Ventera Propellers new by Mercury in stock updated inventory 4-24

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Date Added: 10/09/2023
Last Updated: 04/24/2024
New Mercury Ventera propeller in stock: 18 pitch right hand 48-8M0214710 one in stock. 18 pitch left hand 48-8M0214711 one in stock. 18.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214712 two available. 18.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214713 two available. 19 pitch left hand 48-8M0214715 one available. 19.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214716 two available. 19.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214717 two available. 20 pitch left hand 48-8M0214719 two available. 20 pitch right hand 48-8M0214718 two available. 20.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214720 two available. 20.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214721 two available. 21 pitch right hand 48-8M0214722 four available. 21 pitch left hand 48-8M0214723 four available. 21.5 pitch left hand 48-8M01214725 three available, 21.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214724 three available. 22 pitch right hand 48-8M0214726 four available. 22 pitch left hand 48-8M0214727 two available. 22.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214729 one available. 22.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214728 two available. 23 pitch right hand 48-8M0214730 two available. 23 pitch left hand 48-8M0214731 one available. 23.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214733 three available. 23.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214732 two available. 24.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214737 two available. 24.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214732 four available. 25.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214741 tested once $1,000.00. 25.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0214741 five available. 25.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0214740 two available. 26 pitch right hand 48-8M0173918 two available. 26 pitch left hand 48-8M0173919 two available. 27.5 pitch left hand 48-8M0173925 two available. 27.5 pitch right hand 48-8M0173924 two available. 27 pitch left hand 48-8M0173923 one available. 27 pitch right hand 48-8M0173922 two available. Retail price is $1,250.00 our sale price is $1,125.00 The Mercury Racing Ventera propeller is designed to handle big outboard horsepower on the fastest high-performance center consoles, day cruises and bay boats. Exclusive to the Mercury racing Profile Series, this four blade propeller is engineered specifically to carry more load with greater efficiency at high speeds and in semi-surfacing installations. The Ventera features an increased blade diameter of 15" and a new blade thickness curve to handle more power without sacrificing performance. The Mercury Racing Ventera propeller is available 18 to 27.5 pitch in half inch increments for precise tuning of any application. Eash prop is hand finished and zero balanced by Mercury Racing propeller artisans. The Flo-torq HD modular hub kit is available for boats running over 65 MPH. Call 850-875-0381 or easy ordering on our website
Ad Number: 83913
Price: 1125.00
First Name: Scott or Cathy
Last Name: Mander
Company Name: Speed and Custom Marine
Company Website:
Phone: 850-875-0381
Phone 2: 850-875-0371 FAX QUESTIONS
City: Quincy
State: FL
Zip: 32351
Make: Mercury
Condition: New
# of Blades: 4
Diameter: 15
Rotation: Either
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