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no limits 10-02-2019 02:55 PM

Red devil/TKO 27
Where is this boat?

mickeymcclgn 10-20-2019 07:01 PM

Itís been owned by Trent wyant for awhile now. He redid the boat and is raced under TNT offshore racing. He has a FB and IG page If youíre into social media.

mickeymcclgn 10-20-2019 07:05 PM

Originally Posted by no limits (Post 4709022)
Where is this boat?

Realized you might be talking about the F1 boat which last I heard was in PA Iím referring to the 27 SVL.

mbobb 10-27-2019 05:08 PM

I've been seeing that boat for a number of years on the Upper Chesapeake near Turkey Point.....there's also the green Dimarco boat in the same area too.

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