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whats story on the 2002 37 w 675 ke's going thru auction??

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Send me another pm... inbox is cleared out.
Originally Posted by Jim Diesel View Post
I was curious to see if someone was going to get this boat and bring it back to life...
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Its back at auction, this thing has went from Texas to Mississippi to Michigan and now in Florida!
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Thumbs down 2002 Active Thunder 37 at Copart Auction

Went down and looked, this thing is rough.... interior, guages, all shot. Starboard motor blown, port motor 1 cylinder with little to no compression. The person that I spoke to that owns this is a typical car salesman, says it is all minor, a couple of bucks and it is worth $100K.... Obviously a huge waste of my time going down to look at it. This thing is junk...
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Car dealers are buying huge amounts of boats at the auctions. They are clueless of the many problems and issues a boat can have even if it was in perfect condition appearance wise.. Many of auto dealers and NON new boat dealers that buy from these repo auctions sell lipstick on pig boats. The few used boat inventory that I have left - not wanting to sell retail - I send it to car dealer auctions in which brings almost retail money. Just saying

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BTW, this is back again..... LOL VIN# ATD37V19K102
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Where is it at now?
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Few years ago it went for 75, i spoken to the owner at that time. Belive he was in Or so. Def need some
love at that point.
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I inspected this vessel two years ago when it was at co-part in Lawrenceburg. It has had a rough life, used primarily in salt water. When I looked at it it was being brokered for someone out of Texas. It was very neglected. I was able to get the engine hatch open by bringing a battery and shorting the hatch switch with it. The engines had serious salt contamination on them and undoubtedly inside as well. There was no way to actually verify that any system was operational. The boat had what I surmised to be an aftermarket alarm system which made even engaging a solenoid impossible without being able to access it and disconnect it.. There were LED lights everywhere in the boat and it had an enormous sound system in it which was wired into the starting batteries. The interior was very rough, unclean and definitely lacking in any kind of maintenance. Same for the drives, serious salt contamination everywhere, the paintwork was destroyed just under the fuel fill cap from over filling. I found serious corrosion on most of the wiring, the battery switches were disconnected altogether. The bilge was heavily soiled by oil etc... If I remember correctly the trailer was in terrible condition too namely the brakes were all rusted, heavily rusted bunk supports and actuator. I remember thinking to myself that someone's spoiled kid was the primary user of this vessel just because of how it was set up. Priority on the sound system and flashy LED's rather than satisfactory upkeep of the mechanicals. At the time it was for sale for 49K, I thought that was way to much to begin with. I offered 12K but was instantly declined, (expected that). but to me that's all that boat in the condition it was in was worth. If I can think of anything else pertinent I'll post it. But it certainly was not and I would presume currently it still is not worth whatever crazy price they want for it.. 15K tops.
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