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Rookie 10-11-2020 11:35 PM

Extreme Measures... Make Over Edition
So, I finally got fed up with the damaged gel coat and not being able to get a shine on the boat. See thread . Also the outdated paint needed to be brought into the 2000's. This was always in the back of my mind when I purchased the boat in 2016. This summer it was expedited. I was talking to my friend (painter) at the start of the summer. I was checking out a couple boats he had just finished up. I was jokingly telling him I needed to get my boat painted in the next few years. He answered back "If I wanted to get it painted this summer he would use it as filler work between summer repairs". We worked out some details and we had a deal.
I told him I would DA off the painted graphics and all the clear coat (80, 220, 320 grit). I would bring the boat to him in a 320 grit ready for filler prime and block sand. And so the fun began...
Some of you might have already seen the pics on other social media platforms.

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:39 PM

When he received the boat they started repairing all the stress cracks in the hull. And there were a lot. Also I uncovered some damage under the paint. They also filled the unused holes in the transom and old generator exhaust holes.

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:42 PM

Now that the repairs were made it was now filler primed and block sanded 3 times.
The side are now smooth and straight.

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:45 PM

Now the design tape was layed down.
Now some color was starting to get applied.

jeff32 10-11-2020 11:46 PM

Wow! Lots of work tight there! It not only paint! When transom assemblies are off, it means a project! Not only a paint!!
nice work! Keep it up!

whatcolor scheme younhave in mind?

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:47 PM

More color.
Some shadowing was being done.

jeff32 10-11-2020 11:48 PM

Ok i posted at the same time you did or 1 second after you did, so... i can see what it is gonna look like !!!

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:49 PM

Next was to apply the masking for the tear effects in the paint.

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:51 PM

Now peeling the tape back for some black, more shadows.
Preparing the deck and sides for the metallic silver fades.

Rookie 10-11-2020 11:52 PM

Add a logo and spray some silver.

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