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Old 12-06-2011, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by mr3dman View Post

This whole story has been better than LOST! I have been hooked for a long time. Back to observing now....
For me, it's exactly like Lost. For the last couple that the show was on, I didn't really like it anymore, but still kept watching just to see how it all turned out.

Same with this thread. I've long since lost interest in the 95% of it that's BS, but I keep checking just because I'm curious to see how it all ends up.
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Old 12-06-2011, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post
Here is a different way to look at this thread.

You know how we talk about this place being like IBs living room and we are all invited to a party and we talk about whatever?

Pretend this lengthy thread is a conversation amongst 7 or 8 guys having a beer in IBs living room.

Do some math.
I say on average , each post on here is 10 seconds of speech.
2400 X 10 equals 24000 seconds divided by 60 equals 400 minutes divided by 60 equals 6.6 hours of conversation.

Given that everyone in the conversation is an A personality and rude most of the conversation would be 3 people talking at the same time.

That makes this whole thing turn into a 2 hour yelling match


In reality it would be much shorter.

Within 10 minutes it would have broken out into a fist fight and IB would have sent us home.

It would have been shorter because db71 wouldnt have been invited in the first place.

RHR wouldnt have said anything, rather he would be wandering around the room inviting people to smell his finger.
Thanks pal, I sure needed that
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Old 12-06-2011, 06:49 PM
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I will say it again, it is good to be BILL And if givin the chance I WILL lol

Keep runing hot my friend
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Originally Posted by POWERPLAY J View Post
I may not be blessed with $$$ but God blessed me with a chick that digs other chicks

Raspberry Stolli = FUN

Now back to the irresponsible speculation...

would'nt have it any other way makes for great nights & weekends

ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ITS A SKATER NATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default fixx

Originally Posted by adk61 View Post
grey ball hairs?? how do u know? do you have mirrors on your bathroom floor???
what are those i thought they did away with them in the early 90's
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Originally Posted by adk61 View Post
grey ball hairs?? how do u know?
Plucked them from (name of your family member)'s gums before jumping out the window.

(I feel a giggle coming)

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So whats Pinkey getting for Christmas, Lambo , Rolex.Tell us we need to know
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Originally Posted by LaughingCat View Post
Plucked them from (name of your family member)'s gums before jumping out the window.
Uncle Fester
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Is this the next chick's and boats thread.....
You are judged by the company you keep!
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Originally Posted by SpeedGirl View Post
Is this the next chick's and boats thread.....
the bilge perhaps.......
where is catmando when you need him......

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