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Randy Garciga and cobra put used parts in their engines cont

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Guacamole will get you banned. And beaten.
Your OSO connection to great S. Florida Real Estate.
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Thanks CB

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Originally Posted by Donziweasel View Post
I think speedgirl is a great mod and we all have to make judgement calls. This is the one chat I board I would NOT want to moderate. Do I think she pulled the trigger a little too fast? Maybe. It seem OL460 came on for one reason, to get that thread shut down. Mission accomplished. I would have perhaps banned Ol460, made an example out of him, and let it ride. She made her call, and while I might not agree with it, I respect it and her.

Hats off to OL46. During that entire mudslinging mess by OL460, he not once stooped to his level. He remained courteous and professional. Me? I would have tried to find out who he was and then made sure some bones were broken. No one has ever accused me of being diplomatic. I will be the first to admit, "hothead" is a name I have been called once or twice..... Can you believe someone would call me such a thing? LOL.

Anyway, this is a new thread by someone else who obviously has had the same type of service from Cobra as OL46. Perhaps if we behave, it will stay up. I am glad Speedgirl let the other one stay up as it had some good info. Eddie Young chiming in on what he considers a rebuild is great info. His take on a 'used parts" rebuild had merit too.

Anyway, my opinion is still, based on the facts presented, that Cobra uses used parts in their engines and passes them off as new.
Trust me, I have been called HOT head also, but I made a commitment when I started this Thread to be honest and stick to the facts and post proof, my dad (rest his sole) told me when I once "Son all you have in this world is your word and your b**** and I live by that to this day. Again, Thank you everyone for your support. Now to the court case, wish we luck.
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Originally Posted by Cash Bar View Post
460 was banned. His posts will soon be gone. At this point the thread had accomplished OL46's desired effect of warning everyone.

If anyone here(addiction) wants to bash on the MODS then they will follow 460 out the door.

Dedicating 80% of our time to one issue gets a little old. And we are VOLUNTEERS.
I would like to also thank the mods for doing what they do, you are correct, I did get my point out and I hope it was helpful to all involved. I am still up for any questions anyone has and I will still post all my findings and proof on here.
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Denis Kelliher, 40, of Toms River, who owned Cartec Motors, admitted he ran a check-kiting scheme that caused a $7.6 million in bank overdraft fees and admitted he fraudulently obtained more than $600,000 in loans from two friends to pay down those fees.

Kelliher, who travels in a circle of wealthy people who race boats and drive expensive cars, must serve as a deterrent for criminal activity, Schweiker said.

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I'm glad this came back up as ol460 was definitely a thread assassin and he got the job done with character attacks and name calling . In the long run the winners here are the one's who read this and are forewarned.
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good job steve,you have become quite the asset to oso.keep up the good work.
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Thank you Mod Squad for a well deserved banning .
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" Originally Posted by addiction
I'm calling you out.
It's joe Bacas wife!"

" Originally Posted by Outerlimits460
your actually going in the wrong direction with me being a female because that is not the case..

But lets get back to you being screwed by cobra.....

the current customer that was the guy that bought your boat is very happy with his boat and engines...

also I do believe that the engines blew up due to you running pump gas in them moron.

Last but not least Fact is cobra warranted the engine even though they shouldn't of due to wrong fuel being used....

this was what I was hoping you would say when I kept asking for the outcome of your engines blowing up but obviously you can tell ur fake facts over there with your buddy Mr. Clayton LOL"

Who is outerlimits460??

This all points to Randy or one of his pals... Who could possibly know this information? Joe, who owned the boat, Ian and Craig who I believe are from Australia or New Zealand who were the two friends that purchased the boat (Ian actually purchased it and Craig was his buddy), Randy who fixed the broken engine, and me as I was standing there during all of this, in his shop... When I asked Randy what the verdict was on the engine failure he said that they had been run on bad fuel in it and melted it down; his words. My point is that no one could know this information without being told that by one of those five people...

Not that it matters but OL460 is definitely connected to Randy and Cobra Power in some way... Those exact words came out of Randy's mouth.

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