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klawans 07-15-2017 02:04 PM

The fact that I setup the transport prior to scheduling the survey is irrelevant. My issue is Ed jerked me around...led me on that everything was fine and he could get it done...for a week. All he had to say is, "I just don't have the time" and that would have been perfectly fine.

I reiterate he seemed like the nicest guy in the world. Each time he would answer his phone, he wasn't acting like I was a pain in the ass. He was totally friendly...almost like he was happy to hear from me...and then would ask to call me right back.

No point in continuing the debate. If Ed (who has still yet to call me) wants to explain his actions, I'll be happy to delete this post. But until he does, my experience with him is important to share with anyone considering working with him.

klawans 07-15-2017 02:14 PM

Originally Posted by Griff (Post 4569163)
IMO, this is post is completely ridiculous as were your expectations.
I can't believe you expected a premier boat surveyor with a stellar reputation to be able to fly out of state and complete a full survey with only 3 days notice.
The only thing Ed did was not call you back because he was too busy, most likely completing other surveys. You had a couple phone calls with him and one 5 minute discussion. You didn't have a contract or a deposit. To come here and bash somebody who is long time respected OSO member because you didn't plan ahead and put the cart before the horse with your transporter is YOUR fault.

Its fine for you to not recommend him, but to say "his word is obviously worth nothing" is borderline slanderous.

My expectation was ridiculous? It's ridiculous to expect someone to follow through with what they say they are going to do? You still don't get it. It doesn't matter if someone is a "premier boat surveyor" or not, it's reasonable to expect someone to follow through with their word. I can understand someone forgetting once or twice and chalk that up to a mistake. But to continue telling me something 4 or 5 times and not doing it...yes I do believe his words mean nothing.

class6 07-15-2017 08:35 PM

Did Ed ever say yes and set a date and then not follow through?

klawans 07-16-2017 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by class6 (Post 4569300)
Did Ed ever say yes and set a date and then not follow through?

After telling him what I needed (fly to location, etc.), he quoted me the price. I told him I accepted the price. The only question was whether he could "rearrange" some of his existing appointments to get it done before Monday or if I would have to reschedule the transporter. Even if he called me the next day and said, "Sorry, I thought I could do it but I just don't have the time", that would have been fine. I'm very reasonable.

Everyone can keep trying to find fault with something I did but you're not going to find fault and there was no misunderstanding. He jerked me around for a week and put me in a difficult position.

P.S.- It's now Sunday morning (1am) on the east coast...still no call from Ed.

Griff 07-16-2017 01:11 AM

I do agree that Ed should have called you back or at least texted that he would not be able get it done in the timeframe you desired. Not debating that at all.
My issue is with the last line of your post which bashes a man's entire integrity based on him not returning your calls.

happy hours 07-16-2017 07:53 AM

I have older stuff and fairly mechanically inclined so have never used a surveyor personally but I have heard Ed's name around this board for a long time. All I have heard has been positive but that being said not returning a call after the discussion and verbal agreement to jump thru the hoops required is BS. Dealing with vendors and customer it seems like communication always goes a long way.

BUP 07-17-2017 04:47 PM

Just asking anyone want to post their survey results up here since I see some replied having great results. Can anyone give details why they are / where so great ? - Just asking in those surveys what was done on the mechanical side - engines, drives, transom assemblies, EFI scan results and discussed indepth about what all the scan results were ? Pulled drives and full inspection especially with a proper alignment tool. I keep hearing all the great survey results but when I ever I look at them, they are basically worthless. I am asking not accusing of anything nor accusing anyone here but I would love to see the mechanical survey results and why they were so great.

Was any oil analysis results in the mix ?
fuel pressure testing thru out all rpms ?
Propshaft run out checked ?
water tested - checked for leaks while in the water and proper WOT running rpms ?
gimbal ring play and bell housing play with hydro steering rams unhooked and tie bar unhooked ?
Bellows inspected with drives pulled ?
And the list goes on for pages if I was wanting an indepth survey done and paying for it. not having just a clip board survey performed.

Jupiter Sunsation 07-17-2017 07:35 PM

If Ed took this guy's money then I would say this is a valid thread but for a not getting a returned phone call this seems like a BS thread. Maybe Ed simply didn't like the OP......:D

rak rua 07-17-2017 08:11 PM

He should have contacted the OP but even the best can screw up occasionally. Sounds to me like the good stories outnumber the bad stories by a huge margin.

Valid point has been made, time to let it go.


F-2 Speedy 07-17-2017 08:17 PM

part of a man's integrity is his word, I'll call you back ( multiple times according to the OP ) never did.

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