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class6 07-19-2017 06:58 AM

After Ed did the survey on the last boat I purchased. I knew exactly what I was getting. I didn't have chance to put my eyes on it myself. After his report it was up to me whether to purchase or not. I was 100% happy with the survey. The question is that I need the survey? I personally didn't but the Insurance company required it. I was very happy and trusted Steve from TNT Marine. So I pretty much knew what I was getting

violation98 07-19-2017 07:47 AM


This thread is pointless.

Good luck with the boat - I hope she turns out to be a gem. If not, I'm sure the seller will get a call !

BUP 07-19-2017 01:01 PM

the OP listed a THOROUGH PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION that means it should include full mechanical inspection and testing. This is where I keep saying I'm lost with. Why hire a surveyor only. Not everyone buys from TNT plus TNT is not going to have a POS boat in their hands anyways. Not their client base, - most boat buyers buy form repo outlets or even auto shops that buys repos from auctions, private owners and whomever is selling on craigslist in which a lot of those used boats needs many mechanical side issues addressed as it seems to be the norm.

So if one is buying off of craigslist in which prob a place where more used boats are bought in one week than any other outlet in one year timeframe - You mean your not going to have a somewhat indepth mechanical inspection performed or I should say the dumb azzes that did not because this is the norm. I see this daily - buy a used boat - cause the selling person says it was a great boat - its a used boat never seen one that did not need something and to be addressed, whether its a cheap fix or your better off parting out the POS trying to recoup some of your money back. Anyways good luck with your boat - I will move to something better in the forums. Sorry to have wasted anyones time

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