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bbladesprops 08-13-2018 06:13 PM

Does anybody know Paul Owens of San Tan Valley AZ.?
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I seriously dislike using this forum as a way to track down stolen property. However, I have done this before with stolen propellers and have actually gotten 3 back over the years.
I also don't like to drag peoples names through the public mud but if it is 100% true and not a opinion, I think it can be valued.
As many of you may know (or may not know), BBLADES Propellers has a test propeller program. Here is a link to the program.

Simply put, a customer can test propellers for a very small fee without having to purchase anything. The key being, there is no requirement to purchase anything. Simple rules are in place. A 15 day time frame to get prop back to BBLADES if not purchasing, you damage it you buy it, you pay shipping, $55 fee does not apply to purchase price unless you tested and decide to buy BBLADES branded castings. All simple, logical rules.
Still there are crooks out there who just can't be a normal respectful, play by the rules citizens.

Enter Paul Owens. Paul Owens called and asked to test the 24 BBLADES OB/FX on 5-9-18. Paul Owens called us on 5-21-18 and said the prop got on plane better than his 26 Bravo 1 but he had asked to test a 24 OB/FX. We sent him a 26 by accident. Of course the prop he had was due back in 2 days and he tested it anyways. We apologized and sent him a BBLADES 24 pitch OB/FX for a free testing fee and our shipping as well. The new 24 pitch prop was now to be returned by 6-6-18. Paul Owens said he would ship the 26 right back. Now it is 6-6-18 and my assistant contacts Paul Owens who states he is purchasing the 24 OB/FX and will be shipping the 26 pitch back which was due back 15 days prior. Paul Owens said he would be calling back with credit card information. Time goes by and on 6-14-18 my assistant tries to reach Paul Owens again. This time no answer and the recording says his voice mailbox mailbox is not set up. For the next few days, attempts are made to contact Paul Owens with no success. At this point we tried to run his credit card on file for the set of props he told my assistant he would buy. As feared, the card was declined. More time goes by and the end of June is approaching with no props returned and no comments from Paul Owens. I decided to search for Paul on facebook. Sure enough, there was a Paul Owens in SanTanValley AZ. To my surprise, Paul responded on the live messenger. Here is the copy from that messenger conversation.......................
JUN 25TH, 5:46PM
Brett: Paul, this is Brett Anderson from BBLADES Propellers. You have 2 of my propellers I need to get back from you. We have spoken to and emailed you with little response. You told Mindy you would buy one propeller and send the other back. You still have not completed this transaction. I hope we can get this solved without any other issues. I don't want to create a situation uncomfortable to those involved. Please call us at 920-295-4435.
Attachment 575941They accepted your request.
Paul: They’re both boxed up just hadn’t gotten them sent out. Sorry was an an accident two weeks ago and have been a little slow. I will have my kid get them dropped off at the ups store tomorrow
One of them has a little ding in one of the blades
Brett :Thank you for responding. There will be a charge to fix the ding. Are you no longer keeping the 26 pitch?
Paul: I sold the boat. Broke my hand again so want really going to be able to use it this season
Not sure what it got
Maybe a little peace of drift wood
But as you can see it’s on the plywood in the box ready to go
Brett: Unfortunately that is more than a small repair. We can not take that propeller back. The contract states damage of that level requires purchase. I'm sorry.
Paul: That can easily be repaired
It will be shipped tomorrow
Brett: We can not sell that propeller as new or even at 10% off as a test propeller.
Are you telling me you will not pay for the propeller?
Paul: Correct I have a quote to repair like new for $100
If you’d like I can get it repaired first
Brett: That doesn't matter. You signed a contract with us. We will not take back props repaired by some other company.
Paul: Props will ship out tomorrow

Sent from Messenger

At that point Paul Owens signed off of fb messenger and I have not been able to recontact him. Above is the prop he damaged that he said he could get fixed for $100. (the picture wouldn't load properly into the messenger text above correctly so I had to copy and paste it)
As you see, I am writing this thread on 8-13-18. 2.5 months after we first had contact with Paul Owens. Indeed, BBLADES HAS NOT received either of the 2 propeller Paul Owens had borrowed from us.

Paul Owens is both a thief and a liar.

I bring this to light because I would hope somebody who knows Paul Owens would help him to do the right thing. Send back the stolen property. We can't get reimbursed from this low life if he doesn't play by the rules but at least he doesn't have to be a thief too.

BBLADES has run what we consider to be the best test prop program in the industry. We have sold hundreds of props over the years because of this program to hundreds of customers who knew exactly what they were getting. It has been a success but the cost to run the program with inventory and personnel and the logistics is not a small project. People and actions like Paul Owens displayed are the reason this program may have to come to a end. We certainly don't "want" to do that.
And I certainly don't want to have to write threads like this one.

Anybody with any information or help is appreciated.

Brett Anderson and the BBLADES team

Indy 08-13-2018 06:49 PM

Ahh, the 'ol "accident" excuse. At least he was specific with his hand, no mention that the post office was in the accident tho...

ericaull 08-13-2018 07:12 PM

A shame.....these kind of "customers" and "friends in the hobby" will mess up a good thing for everyone.... I boat and also play around with muscle cars....there is a rotten apple in every hobby.....ask me how I know.

Mohavvalley 08-14-2018 03:52 PM

Do you have a full name or middle initial, a billing zip code, etc?

Also if post up on www.Riverdavesplace dot com, there a lot of locals on there that might know him and they hate thief's :greenchainsaw: .

Let us know if you get any more information.

Indy 08-14-2018 07:13 PM

Originally Posted by Mohavvalley (Post 4643675)
Also if post up on www.Riverdavesplace dot com, there a lot of locals on there that might know him and they hate thief's .

Excellent suggestion

seafordguy 08-14-2018 08:31 PM

I can't see the picture of the guy but there is a guy that used to post in uncensored some with a similar looking avatar.

dunnitagain 08-15-2018 06:30 AM

Post it on RDP , the locals will handle him for you Brett, Nothing worse than a Facking Thief!

bbladesprops 08-15-2018 09:43 AM

Originally Posted by dunnitagain (Post 4643767)
Post it on RDP , the locals will handle him for you Brett, Nothing worse than a Facking Thief!

Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice and the sense of community on this web site.
I have not become a member on River Dave's Place although I have been meaning to do so. This is the perfect opportunity.

So frustrating when you are helping a guy out and he blatantly screws you.


90viper 08-16-2018 06:52 AM

Tested and bought many props through your program. I thank you for your service and program!!

adk61 08-16-2018 10:38 AM

I'd hate to say it Brett but I would have the customer buy the prop to be tested and upon return of the product you reimburse them minus the test fee... this would keep everyone honest and end you having to chase down douchebags who love your product soooo much they wanna keep it... lol
just my $.002 :ernaehrung004:

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