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Waveform 08-20-2021 06:16 PM

Neck Brace for Wild Rides?
Excuse the long story, and skip to the bottom if you just want to see the question without the background info.

In 2013 my mother was almost killed in rollover accident that caved in the roof of her Acura CL. In addition to the intercranial bleeding, multiple skull fractures, broken ribs, and a generally beaten up body, she also damaged multiple spots in her neck, and broke her C2 Vertebrae, affectionately known as "The Hangman's Fracture".

Recovery has been a really long road for her, but for a 66 year old, she's doing pretty good. However, she does have occasional neck pain.

Her new husband is no rocket scientist, and a little reckless. Well, he has bought an older 2-stroke Yamaha Waverunner, and is eventually looking to get a smaller V8 power boat as well. He's been looking at everything from a Four Winns U19, Donzi 18 Classic, Baja H2X, Thoroughbred/Velocity22, even older Eliminators around the 18-22ft range. I'm really worried about him being reckless on that PWC, and later on the boats, as outside of the Velocity, none of those are going to give the smoothest of rides in chop.

So, the question:

Is anyone aware of a comfortable neck brace just to provide her with some rear and side support, that could be worn in conjunction with a life jacket? I'm almost envisioning a Hans brace, or even a football neck brace. But no helmet needed.

Thanks all!

Griff 08-20-2021 10:27 PM

IMO, your mom should not be riding on any small boat or pwc except in dead calm glass water.

rak rua 08-20-2021 11:37 PM

It’s great your mum has made a near full recovery and is fit enough and active enough that she wants to be involved in such an outdoor activity. However…….

I wouldn’t be too worried about your mum’s new husband, I’d be more concerned about making sure your mum knows the dangers of boating, especially smallish fast boats. (Think about the crashing and jarring forces when boats hit waves) As for a Waverunner, they’re designed to get airborne launching off waves, come down at all angles and throw the occupants into the water. Doesn’t sound wise for anybody with chronic neck injuries.

Make sure she’s aware of the risks and if necessary, tell her to talk with her physiotherapist first.


AmiableDave 08-21-2021 02:13 AM

Tell your step dad that if your mother gets hurt, (on a jetski, boat, falling out of bed) you'll kick his ass with extreme prejudice.

bajaman 08-21-2021 05:39 AM

As you've already probably searched around and noticed...there simply isn't really anything specifically made like that. I think the implication is, "If you've had a neck injury, you keep your ass out of the water" type of thing. There are some motocross sort of equipment that might work to some degree but, risky at best.

It goes without saying how rough boating of any sort can be, whether that is on a PWC or powerboat...even sailing botes and kayaks/canoes can get hit by rollers and waves. I would think that IF your mom is really wanting to do these things she could visit with her doctors and get some custom-made device that would offer her some protection.

Padraig 08-21-2021 07:20 AM

Originally Posted by AmiableDave (Post 4802414)
Tell your step dad that if your mother gets hurt, (on a jetski, boat, falling out of bed) you'll kick his ass with extreme prejudice.



phragle 08-21-2021 08:13 AM

Originally Posted by AmiableDave (Post 4802414)
Tell your step dad that if your mother gets hurt, (on a jetski, boat, falling out of bed) He is going to be swimming in the deep end of the lake with cinder block flippers.

I fixed it for you.

ThisIsLivin 08-25-2021 02:25 PM

Get a bag of quick set cement and write his name on it!

Sydwayz 08-25-2021 02:35 PM

A true HANS device only works in conjunction with a full 5, 6. or 7 point harness in a race car or the like.

But you COULD perhaps make a Hybrid Device work, as it straps to your body. It would require a helmet though. You could adapt an open face helmet to make it work.

Dave M 08-26-2021 07:40 AM

I don't think any kind of neck brace is going to help. The impact is still there.

How old is your Mom? I'm 55, without any preexisting issues and after some days on the water I'm feeling it.

Interceptor 08-26-2021 09:36 AM

In 2014 I had surgery on five of the seven vertebrates in my cervical spine. I'm now extremely cautious regarding wind, waves and wakes. We seldom use the boat on weekends to avoid traffic and usually launch and operate at less used areas. Have her ask her neurosurgeon for an opinion.

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