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dru 09-05-2021 09:39 AM

46 Rough Rider... Opinion?
Hello again. Its been awhile since I have posted anything. Looking to purchase a 46 Rough Rider 2005 with trip 525's. Just wanted to ask if there is any drawbacks to the trips minus the obvious maintenance. Also anything else with this model that is good or bad that i should comsider before making my decision. My last performance boat and only was a 28 Pantera with twins that i had for 15 years. Boat GPS at 102 so i am used to the speed but never had one this big. Just getting older and what a nice ride. I know with the Pantera twins actually got better gas mileage because the motors did not have to run near as hard as my single motor brethren and gave a nicer ride with the added weight. I am assuming the same with the trips? Thank you in advance for any insight, opinion, or advice you may share. I always wanted a Cigarette but believed it to be a Top Gun before I saw this.. Actually the one in the classifieds here. Thanks again

F-2 Speedy 09-05-2021 10:03 AM

I was looking at this boat the other day on here, thought it looked clean but at 340 hrs if nothing has been done to freshen the engines that could be a sizable expense, it states needs mechanical work ?? do you know what they are referring to, I think the 46 might just be Cigs best hull its a wave crushing machine, good luck

1MOSES1 09-05-2021 10:04 AM

bravos on a 46’ beheameth…

I’ll just leave it at that.

dru 09-05-2021 11:14 AM

The middle motor had an exhaust leak. Needs new headers on all motors and rebuild on that one. I just learned of a couple more things and not being able too come to an agreement about a sea trial after they compete the repairs st my expense i have backed out of the purchase. They are beautiful and woild still be interested in one. Thanks for the replys

F-2 Speedy 09-05-2021 11:26 AM

That was my fear headers in salt, look for a fresh water boat good luck

CigaretteSam 09-05-2021 11:32 AM

Have you seen this one?

offshoredrillin 09-05-2021 05:02 PM

Check out the thread on here about my Tiger, it can be bought and 100% gone through. on a trailer turn key and its right here in MD.

H20 Toie 09-05-2021 05:54 PM

Yeah that would not be a good boat to jump into the Cigarette lifestyle with in my opinion, i think for the right person it could be awesome, if you want a bigger boat then the 42 tiger mentioned above would be first on my list to check out

bajaholic 09-05-2021 10:41 PM

Twins vs Triples is where I will comment. Twins are nice, and what everyone thinks they need over a triple because of what they perceive to be true.

Myth: Triple's cost more than twins in maintenance etc. Here is the truth, Triples work WAY less for the same speed and performance because first they are generally smaller motors and by design smaller costs to keep up in the maintenance and over-halls when they age. The triples are more efficient in the water and with lower RPMs will get you the same speeds, again, less wear.

Myth: They cost more to run (fuel consumption) Again, 3 smaller motors working more efficient to gain same return. Now don't get me wrong, at cruise, (36-3800 rpm) Very efficient, push the sticks all in, will suck like the wind. But to be fair, both setups will watch the needle on the gas gage drop like a rock.

Drives: Twins, need as big of drive as possible matched to power. Triples, again, more efficient, so where a twin 700 needs a STRONG drive to keep from breaking every run, Triples work together generally with Bravos and less strain to get the same life. Again, lower cost to run.

Maneuverability. I will agree once you have had twins, one would never go anything less. But.... Add in the third drive, it is a compensator when you need to fight the wind or get into a tight spot. You have numerous combinations, right, right- left, left, throwing in the center to either side to pull it, adding the third either direction with both sides going opposite etc.... You can see the many ways this can and will help when you need it.

Ok, so the negative on triples: 3x oil changes, extra weight and more gages you need to keep track of.

My opinion, Triples are by far more efficient and costs less overall to own and maintain, compared to the twin that will give you the same performance numbers.

Unlimited jd 09-06-2021 07:13 AM

Depending on the boat, but if you have 1800 hp to use, do you want to maintain 2 6 drives and a pair of 900’s or 3 bravo/Imcos and 3 600’s? Oh and if one breaks you come home at 5mph in one, 55 in the other

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