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Baja Rooster 07-01-2021 01:08 PM

My guess is your pump is fine and knocked a wire loose while putting it in.

My Hardin pump didnít work either and wondered why they included scrap metal in the package and apparently it pumps better with the wear plates installed:)

Non-Merc impellers cause issues as well but you may have a blockage. Once youíre on plane I believe the pickup pressure actually overrides the pump anyways and itís mostly just to function at lower speeds. I may be incorrect but thatís my current understanding.

shunter2005 07-02-2021 01:31 AM

Well, another fun day at the boat. Went up today to do some measuring for hose lengths for new hydraulic steering. While up there, I decided to take a look at the drive oil reservoir. Found that it really doesn't matter if the sensor is bad or not. The reservoir leaking at the bottom, so I am ordering a new one anyway. Hopefully, one of the three possibilities solved shortly. Hope to be on the water next week to check it, if this dang rainy forecast (and rain) ever stops.

shunter2005 10-23-2021 01:48 AM

Took me a while to get the boat out, but we took it out for a little run on Wednesday. I did install a new Merc drive reservoir since the old one was leaking. After checking it numerous times in the boat stall for leaks and finding none now, we got a chance to hit the water. Cruised around a while and then finally opened her up a couple of times. No alarms sounded at any time or speed. I think all of my worry about the Hardin SS pump wasn't really an issue after all. I want to say thanks to everyone who pitched in with ideas about the problem.

1 MAIDEN AMERICA 11-07-2021 10:13 AM

Glad you found the problem
Just FYI
I put the Hardin pumps on both my 575SCi's (cause they're pretty) and lost pressure so put the plastic one's back on.
I chamfered the edges of the impeller surface and replace the impeller every year even though it still looks fine. The housings are about 10 years old now. When I take them off at the end of the season there is still a wad of 2-4-C centered at the back of the housing where the shaft ends.
Why the lower pressure? The SS housing impeller cavity is smaller than the plastic housing. Less volume, less pressure. The 90* fitting vs curved hose, ID of both fittings and thread area are disrupting flow.
FS 2 SS housings, 2 straight and 2 90* SS 1.25" hose fittings for them

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