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bowtie8 05-02-2021 08:43 AM

Ladder on 35ZR
Has anyone have experience changing out ladder on their 35ZR
the issue I have is bolts are spinning and no access to top side to hold the nuts. Even when prying downward to try and catch. No luck.
IF I cut them out, Iím not sure of the solution to get new ladder installed. Toggle Bolts?
seems kind of crappy that there is no access to the top side of ladder hardware.
I have brand new stainless ladder, a direct replacement to the factory white powder coated ladder.

ShootinRopes35z 05-10-2021 01:35 PM

Replaced the ladder on my 35zr back a year ago. Ordered the replacement all stainless model from the place in PA who made them originally then installed with new hardware. It was a plug and play process. Yes, the old hardware is "lost" inside but trust me after your first adventure out it will be in the bilge and easily removed. Some white 5200 on the holes and GTG.

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