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puzzleboy 06-07-2018 03:19 AM

School me on new amplifiers!
Ok, my setup is literally 4 Bose 151 outdoor speakers mounted on a rig which is facing us in the water when we party. 2 big JL subs in the boat. Subs are run by a 2 channel amp, and a separate 4 channel amp for the 151s. I run a 1000 watt inverter generator all day to keep the batteries up. Sounds quite good.

I want to replace with newer technology amps. And I'm not well versed on the new stuff.

I'd like lower power demand, less emitted heat (and amps less affected by heat), and a smaller overall housing if possible. So.... Efficiency.

When researching, I see some guys are even making their own amps.

I'll start with the 4 channel. Was looking at the Fosgate PBR300x4. Amazingly small size class D with good power.


bblythe 06-07-2018 06:41 AM

Bluwave audio
waves and wheels osage beach Justin Wagner

Hussflier 06-07-2018 05:54 PM

Wetsounds SD6 (6)channel amp. This thing will run very cool and puts out amazing power. I have (6) 8 inch wetsounds in my Fountain and it sounds amazing, run it for hours at high volume and the amp is barely warm.

puzzleboy 06-07-2018 06:17 PM

Looks like a nice amp, but spendy, and I never heard of them. 6 channel would be nice though!

ROB FREEMAN 06-07-2018 06:40 PM

new technology n spendy are hand in hand. Wetsounds great stuff. Jl. Had my share of issues. Running some arc audio in my new pickup that are surprisingly awsom. Love that amp. 1200 by 6 runs entire system one amp

laigle 06-11-2018 08:58 PM

2 JL M6600 8 Polk 6x9's cockpit , 1 MM12 Polk Sub 4 6.5 polk marine, with 2 ds18 tweeters in my old school ride

Griff 06-11-2018 11:29 PM

I really like my Alpine PDX amps. They are close to 10 years old. Low power draw, low heat and small size.

Gimme Fuel 06-12-2018 07:41 AM

I have been running the Polk PAD5000.5 amp for a year now and I cannot believe how much it puts out for the small size and clarity of sound. It is a 5-channel Class D. I did have to upgrade the supply wire as the factory amp wire was too small. Don't let the small size fool you, they still need some big gauge wire. Especially since the sub channel is 1 Ohm stable and other 4 channels are 2 Ohm stable (min. 4 Ohm bridged). It is impressive how little heat they generate. My old school amps in previous boats would constantly go into thermal protection. I liked the Polk so much I am in process of installing another PAD2000.2 to split up my system a bit. I was running 4-6.5" and 4-6x9" Polk DB series speakers wired as 2 Ohm loads (50 watt RMS to EACH of 8 speakers). It rocked the 6.5" but was a little lacking on the 6x9. The second 2000.2 will now run the 6x9's at 125 Watt RMS each at 2 Ohm. The 6.5" will also get a boost to 70 Watt RMS but now at 4 Ohm on the 5000.5 along with running 2-10" Clarion free air subs (wanted Polk ones but not suitable for application) wired at 2 Ohms for 400 watt RMS.

shelleywaan 12-06-2018 04:02 AM

It sounds great!

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